Captain Cook Birthplace Museum Education Pack

A resource pack for teachers and parents.

Our education pack is filled with ideas for teachers to use in the classroom or for grown-ups to use at home with children to support their school learning.

The pack has been divided into three sections to help you find what you need:
1. Early Life: Looking at the Birthplace of Captain Cook, the class system and the life of the young James Cook
2. Life at Sea: Looking at the Endeavour, the crew on board ship, and the role of those on board. It also looks at customs, food, and other gruesome facts about life at sea.
3. Places Cook Visited: A series of imaginative activities to enable children to bring some of the significant places Cook visited to life.

Each topic comes with a PDF information sheet with facts and online links for further information and images.

This education pack complements the objects that we have on display at the museum and in our handling collections. The activities in this pack all support our popular tours and workshops to further engage classes visiting the museum. For further information about school visits please use this link:

Download the Education Pack sections.