Linthorpe Art Pottery

Middlesbrough was home to one of the most innovative and interesting potteries of the Victorian era. Established in 1879 by John Harrison, a local entrepreneur and Christopher Dresser, an important designer of the time, the pottery went on to produce over 2000 different shapes of ceramic ware in its short 10 year life.

Today Linthorpe pottery is highly collectable. It is very popular locally, but is also known and respected world-wide. Its distinctive mark has made it easily recognizable.

The gallery explains how the pottery came about; who were the people behind it; why they chose a site in Middlesbrough; where the ideas and inspiration sprang from and why the pottery closed. The interpretation also compares other local Victorian potteries and the life and work of Christopher Dresser.

Gallery interpretation also links to various Victorian themes useful for use in National Curriculum studies.


History of Linthorpe Art Pottery (1969).
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Linthorpe Art Pottery marks.
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Linthorpe Art Pottery